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They are great early tames, because they can carry over 500 pounds at level 60, they have a lot of steam, and they can pick up other small tames. They also have a smithy built into their saddle, allowing you to build and repair on the fly. The easiest way to tame takes 2 people, so I will describe that one first one person flies a pteranodon, while carrying another person in said pteranodon's talons. When you find an argy, get into its agro range. This is the hard part. The person being carried must shoot the argy, but can only do so without hitting the pteranodon when the pteranodon is flying straight up. The argy will follow the pteranodon straight up, and the person on the bottom can shoot it with a crossbow (seggested) or longneck or whatever. Argies usually com in twos, threes, or even fours, but this is an advantage to you. Kill the other argy/argies, and harvest them with your pteranodon. They will likely drop prime meat, and this will quickly tame the first argy. up 4 another.

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