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To tame this, you have to go to the forests (because that’s where they spawn) or somewhere else where they spawn, when you find one, knock it out with the method you find easiest, they will only eat kibble (simple kibble on all platforms except mobile and switch and pelagornis kibble on mobile and switch) they also eat chitin which is obtained from killing insects so go out and kill some titanorymas (or however you say it) to get some chitin. When it’s tamed, it acts as a portable hand glider and can be carried on the shoulder (I think) they are also carried by many birds, Wyverns, gigantopithecus, kaprosuchus and procoptodon (if it’s a baby). If you want more tips for taming, just go to the tame and KO section and look for a very long comment, btw sorry for it being so long.

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