By far, the easiest method (in my experience) for taming one of these little guys is this:

Beforehand, prepare about 50 narcotics, as it doesn't take too long to tame a lvl 150. You'll need either chitin or Pelagornis kibble. I would just use chitin since you only need about 80 or so for a lvl 150. Next, you'll want to have a bola. I would craft at least 3 in case you miss. Once it's tied up, go ahead and tranq it with tranq arrows or darts. You shouldn't need more than 20 tranqs. That's taking into account how often you may miss. But since it's tied up, you'll have far more than you need afterwards. I suggest letting it starve all the way down, and then putting in the chitin. That way your resources arent vulnerable until the last second. Wait a little bit, and you should have a lvl 150 Archa. Enjoy :) (Lower levels follow the same method with less resources, I simply used 150 as the example.)

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