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Hi I’m MastaCheeks420… here is my story

One day I ventured into one of the caves that you can find on the missions (ark Mobile) and it was a VERY GOOD place for metal and rocks etc. Only downside was the titanaboa and the spider along with the scorpions (plz don’t judge I can’t remember names) but at the time I didn’t know about them. There was this cliff that I didn’t see and I fell down into it. NOTE: I’m about level 40+ and unlocked the primitive longneck rifle, primitive double barrel shotgun, and primitive crossbow (no attachments). Lucky I had 50 rifle shells and 46 shotgun-shells, with a handful of arrows in the crispy crossbow 🤘. So here is the layout of the cave… and yes I know it’s a freaking essay OK JUST DEAL WITH IT! But anyways the layout is first the cliff… no way up it’s too steap to climb and I had no resources on me other than food and water. So along with the wall on your back you have a front section of a “Y” or aka a fork. So I decide while I’m in there to find the artifact that was in there. I found it and I had just wasted 26 rifle rounds taking out 1000 hp+ scorpions so after the artifact I went to the right side of the “Y” and there is where it all started MY FIRST INCOUNTER WITH THE TITANA BOA!!! (Along with the spiders) No joke I thought the guys were tuff as nails but in all reality they are just a huge target. (Doom music kicks in) With the shotgun I started baiting them around a corner to their demise. I would have to run a few trying to reload the double barrel. But they were just easy targets. The tough ones were the spiders and scorpions. I didn’t want to deal with them so what I did was just full on sprint through the whole thing (stamina is at 240 while speed in near 250 so I’m a speedy boy) but I run, swim and parkour over all the critters and when I get to a choke point I am able to gather some wood and fiber to make 1 spike wall!!! And while the spike is building I have a horde of titana boas and arachnids in a big ol’ wave. Like no joke on each other trying to get a piece of me. So I’m blasting away and as soon as I ran out of shotgun bullets the spike wall was finished! I placed it down at the choke point and all of them died! I was able to rack up 4 LEVELS!!! I made my way out like nothing happened with half health and literally dieing of hunger… I had taken about 400 arrows in all from harvesting the titana boas and 804 chitin from spiders+scorpions!! And on my way out feeling like a champ… and then a level 40 Alfa raptor comes and stomps the crap out of me 🥲

Moral of the story… don’t smoke crack!

If u read this far your either a champ or a man/woman with nothing better to do with their life so you mine as well hit the up 🆙 button while u at it 👌 ima post this on the other species I encountered there as well.

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