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A handy guide to utility tames:

Achatina- Mainly found in swampy areas. Tame with sweet veggie cake. After tame, produces lots of CP and Org Poly when set to wander.

Anglerfish- found in deep oceans, the anglerfish is relatively hard to tame. It doesn’t require a saddle, and gathers huge quantities of silica pearls

Anky- Found in a plethora of different places. Look in snow, mountain, jungle, desert, etc. A relatively easy knockout tame, the anky is wonderful at gathering metal.

Argentavis- Found in mountains, snow, or desert biomes mainly. Another relatively easy tame, reduces weight for many useful materials. With high weight capacity, they are useful for transporting items or creatures. They also have a smithy in their saddle. Also, on a sadder note, Dilos got into my breeding buIdling and killed my best female 😢

Beelzebufo- Found in swamps mainly. A very easy tame, can gather cementing paste from insects.

Castoroides- Found in swampy areas, some snow biomes, and rivers/lakes. Not the easiest tame, but not to hard. When tamed, they gather wood like a pro! They have a smithy saddle.

Direbear- Found in redwoods and snow biomes. Lives alongside dangerous creatures, making it tricky to tame, but once tamed, it’s like a metal sickle that gathers 5x the fiber

Doedicurus- Found in redwoods, mountains, snow, desert, volcano. A relatively easy tame, although if it takes too much damage, it will roll up, drastically increasing the torpor it takes. Once tamed, it is a beast at gathering obsidian and stone

Dunkleosteus- Difficult tame thanks to its heavy armor. An oceanic tame, they are the anky/Doedic of the sea, gathering large amounts of metal and stone

Karkinos- found in Aberration and Val and CI and Genesis. in my opinion, these are utility tames. They are difficult to tame due to the fact that you can’t use normal tranquilizers. Once tamed, they can carry a maximum of two creatures. Carrying doedics or ankys in their claws can be a very efficient way to get metal.

Mammoth- Found in snow. Not too hard to tame, and gathers wood very effectively!

Moschops- found on beaches and forests. can harvest many different materials effectively. You can choose which materials your Moschops can harvest better

Quetzal-very hard tame, but doable, especially with a tribe. Has astounding weight and is great for transport!

Snow Owl- Easy knockout tame found in extinction snow biome. When tamed, can heal other creatures and is a great travel mount.

Therizinosaurus- Challenging tame found in jungles. Can gather wood, thatch and fiber quite well.

Thorny Dragon- Easy tame found in deserts. A good tame for gathering wood on SE, a map lacking many normal wood gatherers.

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