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#1 besides genesis part 2 so far Scorched Earth has the lowest variety of creatures

#2 I’m too lazy to look up color regions but painting your Direwolf to look like a husky or making it’s back pink is a wonderful idea because pink looks good on direwolfs

#3 Moths (AKA Lymantria) is great for getting deinonychus eggs on Valguero, just stun the parents after leading them away then place some spikes around the nest.

#4 Deinonychus farm. Just make an Adobe structure around the nest and make a trap for two selected deinonychus and boom insta egg farm.

#5 Don’t do whistle “attack target” on doedicurus (probably spelled that wrong) because once is curls up they’ll stop attacking, jump on your Dino and finish it off

#6 PARAS ARE USEFUL! So many people say “useless besides early-game carry weight Dino” they actually are somewhat fast in the water and have a special ability to sense enemies, that includes no creatures and players!

#7 using a common currency on ARK servers isn’t really a good idea in my opinion, you never know if there’s going to be a penny-pincher among the bunch. It may also lead to more wars and such. Keeping it simple can be better in some cases, I’ve seen using common currency becoming more popular so I just included this because I need filler

That’s all the facts for now that are completely useless! Expect these 2-3 times every other week!


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