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On my Xbox I had a survival world of The Island…

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On my Xbox I had a survival world of The Island, surprisingly the most fulfilling feeling and best world, I had a Argie named Storm (she was my girl RIP) she helped me gather resources, quick escapes, go to best birb, but most importantly she helped me with these snail babies, I had OVER 10! And I kept them safe and secure in my tree base in a few small pens with coverings so arial attacks wouldn’t happen or any other sort, my hives, veggie cake production and everything was up there. I literally had them as my background, Blueberry was my favorite, he was the trouble maker out of all of them, Skye I generally had following me around. Sadly I accidentally deleted my world. But anyways these precious babies are EVERYWHERE in the swamp, save them from the boas and kapros, 1000000000000000000000000000/0.1 would recommend and best buddy, they’re my favorite creature :> give these slimes babies more love people, they deserve it! RIP best burb and the achie gang ❤️

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