Ballad of the Marginatas

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Ballad of the Marginatas

Chp 1

Blueberry climbed onto Stormy as she scratched at the ground impatiently, she squawked at the sudden tug on her reins and she lifted off into the redwoods, Blueberry thought β€œShe’s practically the queen of this place being a high level and all, she’s the best bird anybody could ask for” suddenly a Thycleo came diving out of a tree and Stormy made a loud screech scratching it’s underbelly as she and Blueberry went tumbling down. β€œNO” Blueberry screamed since he had finally gotten enough resources to build another tree base and had an achatina nearby, then he heard a loud hiss and a pained roar, he had dirt and grass in his eyes so he could hardly see but his eyes widened as a second Thycleo came bounding over β€œOh (word replaced by Dodo)”

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