Fury of the Ocean

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Fury of the Ocean

Chapter 3

I woke up in the middle of the night. I was on the beach, on the soft and warm sand. I immediately looked out to sea. Martin was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, nothing seemed dangerous. The island seemed small. There was a small forest of palm trees, but there was no sign of any animal. Not even a dodo. The only thing I could see was a huge swarm of pelagornis and some pteranodons. I decided to look for others who might have survived the wreck. After I made it around the island, there was no one left to shave. At one point I found several pieces of the ship. Apparently the sea monster didn't destroy the whole thing. Somewhere nearby I saw a bird perched on a remote shelf above a pile of wood. It didn't look like a pelagornis. When I approached it, I recognized it immediately. It was the Captain's ichthiornis. As soon as I picked it up, I saw the horrible sight of a severed hand. From the bracelet with megalodon teeth, I knew it was probably the captain's. Although I couldn't be sure he was dead, I decided not to search the wreckage. After all, his pet bird flew off in a hurry after a while. I was sure he knew better and the fact that he didn't stay there probably meant his owner wasn't there. I kept looking hopefully.

-Artifact of the Clever

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