When you encounter one here are 3 things you can do:

These are ideas based off of my research and ideas.

A: fight it

You will want to stay away from it so shoot it with a good longneck or a sniper shoot it till it’s dead (idk the health but it will probably have about 800-1000) if it gets to you quickly pull out a good shotgun and kill it.

B: fight it with tames

Now really there are only a few things i would make fight it and it would be rexes and spinos. I think it could get killed in seconds but if your new that’s a big different problem you will throw every tame you have that can fight and may even have to help them. A few will die probably but you still won

C: run away

Get a fast dino or for new people a parasaur and scout which way you will go. Then put everything you have in your tames and run the way that your going

Remember this is just based off of research I did about prehistoric animals-lava

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