Discovering The ARKS EP3 SE1

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Discovering The ARKS EP3 SE1


A new morning arises they both wake up and talk for a while “Hey why did you call the snail Frey Mike?” “Oh “He was a old friend before we got separated and I ended up here I never found him not matter how hard I tried he was gone probably even dead” “That’s terrible I am so sorry” “It’s alright” They got out of their sleeping bags and went outside for ingredients for Veggie Cake for Frey the snail. They got a bunch of ingredients and fed Frey veggie cake. When they go back outside again they running in the distance they got a glare what was coming it was someone on a yutyrannus the man looked mad he got closer to the house “I am going to get my pistol and my pike stay here” “Alright Dan” Daniel rushes out with his simple pistol ready as it rushes closer he fires the trigger and the man was aware of the bullet and had moved his dino to dodge it. His dino went faster and goes near and pulls out a rifle and knock them out with tranq darts as vision fades they are taken. “Hello” Mike says very slowly he had just woken up he was outside in snow by himself. The man was carrying this high tech looking flat square it looked like there was all through it probably power electronics a furry little creature was sitting next to him he feeds the square to it and starts morphing “Oh no” Mike starts running as this thing thunders at him he quickly hide in another hut all alone he starts to cry a little thinking about losing Daniel just like Frey he just wanted to have a friend and now he was missing.-Mr Arky Until next time

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