Hey guys I am new to this so please do not hate me 😂 enjoy the story

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Hey guys I am new to this so please do not hate me 😂 enjoy the story

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Mike is a man who just started on the ark he has house but not any friends “I wonder what’s out there it can,t be just me” He feels like he is losing hope he hasn’t found any other people then he goes outside and a level 5 Achatina it’s small but he loved this creature it made feel happy in a way. He went to sleep and the next morning he checks outside to see the snail was still there and it was went closer to his house then after a while it goes in “Hey little buddy!” The snail makes a kinda high pitched noise his antennas start moving “So what do you eat?” “I will be back” He gathers some berrys but then he finds a chest he opens it up it’s got the specie of that snail on the paper and he finds out it only eats cake “Oh no” “How will I get cake?” He starts searching around and a man “Hello?” “Oh my gosh are you a survivor?” “Yea kind of” Mike says “What’s your name” “Daniel yours?” “Mike nice to meet” “I know this is a lot but can I stay with you?” Mike smiles “Sure definitely I would love to a friend around” “Thank you so much how can I repay you?” “Do you have any cake?” “Yea I do actually” “Here ya go” “Thanks let’s go” They go to the door and open it “Hey is that your snail?” “Yea” “Now I know why you wanted cake” “Yea what do we call him” “Frey” “Good name alright bud here is the cake Daniel gave me” He eats the food at looks up at both them does the same noise from when Mike talked to him earlier.As the day went on they went to sleep then a noise thundered at the door. The next episode is in alphabetical order thanks for reading-Mr Arky

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