This section describes how to fight against the Ammonite.


The Ammonite is a non-aggressive animal that will not attack the player on sight.


The shell of the Ammonite is tough and resilient against most weapons. Therefore, players should target the tentacled head, which is vulnerable to damage.


A Pike is the best used for close quarters, as the weak area is quite small and hard to aim with a crossbow or rifle. It is also recommended to kill all wild animals nearby, as these will become hostile when you attack the Ammonites.


The Ammonite itself is not a danger, however, when attacked it will release a green substance into the waters, causing nearby wildlife to become aggressive for a whole minute. An Ammonite hunt can quickly become overwhelmed by masses of normally passive animals. Its rage effect will last for 60 seconds. Also, the underwater caverns and depths Ammonites dwell in have their own dangers, such as mass shoals of Cnidaria, as well as many other terrors of the deep.


The Ammonite will not fight back in any way, making for a rather easy kill so long as there are no other animals nearby.

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