The Dodo Republic

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The Dodo Republic

Chapter II

As Billy watched the battle commence, the odd bluish direwolf looked at him and nodded as it started ripping at the raptor’s flesh. The beastial raptor tore at it’s enemy’s front legs, seemingly wanting it to kneel. Slowly, Billy figured that the raptor wanted man meat. But, instead of the fear he would have felt, he unslung his rifle and shot. Perfectly hitting the raptor, not the direwolf. A single shot it. Or so Billy thought. The beast stood still, but eyes still open, it watched. Then, another beast appeared. And the direwolf fought again. Finally defeating the new enemy, he was heavily bleeding. The wolf’s howls, barks, cries, and whimpers of pain slowly turned into words. “Get…out…now,” Said the the direwolf. “I can’t just leave no beast to die.” Billy said. The wolf slightly smiled. Well, it wasn’t exactly a smile, that’d been a sign of annoyance or aggression. He simply laughed. “The name’s Deinychus, what’s yours?” The direwolf said. “Name’s Willam, but you can call me Billy.” Said Billy. Then, both turning to see the raptor rise, Billy put a bullet through it’s head. Deinychus gave a barking laugh. “Nice to see that thing dead.” Said the direwolf.

To he continued…


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