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One time, i was lost on an island.

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One time, i was lost on an island. I had nothing but traqs and a bow and meat and black berries. That was the only thing i could keep when i was banished from my tribe. But then, i saw this dino i deiced id get at least this one tame. So i went on a rock and shot it mutiple times, then it finally went down. I fed it the meet and berries. Than the best momment of my life came. I had tamed this with no help. Than one day i was going to hunt some bugs for chiten, but then, a forocise rex came up behind us, when morel allosars was fighting, he was at low heath, finally, he dismounted me to savemy life, but then he died. Build a grave to keep his soul as a memori. #ilalwaysremeberyoumypal

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