These things can be a real pain early on.

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These things can be a real pain early on. My brother and I had just started on Valgaro and we where doing good. We had a nice house with a great view of the river, a breeding pair of raptors and a bunch of other various animals. Life was good. one day we decided to explore the other side of the river. At first everything seemed fine, but then on our way back we saw them, two allosauruses blocking our home. We tried to sneak past but they saw us and chased us all the way home. Suddenly they turned and we thought we were safe. But then we saw why they turned. They had found our beloved pets and were attacking them. The battle was fierce and it looked like we might when win. But then one by one our pets showed up in the death chat until only our raptors where left, the prize of our position. By now one of the allosaurus had died and there was just one left. But that one was to much and we lost everything. moral of the story run away from your hour not towards.

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