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I actually managed to make one go into my house and to this day it’s still there

Here how to do it! : 1: If your a beginner spawn at E1

2: do all your forced quests

3: get AT LEAST thatch buildings as quickly as possible

4: find a snail

5: punch the snail (please remember that you must make at least a 1x1 house but roof isn’t required only walls and floor)

6: go behind it and make it go inside your house (be warned that you need to leave 1 wall open and not a doorframe for this to work)

7: fill the hole in the wall

8: enjoy your infinite CP

Vote up so beginners can see this.

Also if your wondering why you need to spawn at E1 it’s because you spawn in the middle of a normal shore biome thingy and the swamp (I also found an itchy there so get meat real quick).

I hope this helped :D and these tips are from my experience so it may or may not work also thank you for your time

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