Ah, I wish I wrote the King of Wyverns.

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Ah, I wish I wrote the King of Wyverns. Sadly I don't, I haven't started writing a story yet. However, I have been pondering on a story for a long time now. I hope to call it (if I do make this story) Journey. It will be a unofficial sequel to the Obalisk (here where the problem comes in of why I haven't written yet) or an alternate reality. I am not sure which one I should do. But I might lean towards this way. It follows the story of the five and possibly the rune after Moon's the Obalisk book is over. I don't want to do it without his permission nor do I want to start until his story is over. Because if I start before he finishes, I don't want to make it feel like I am forcing something to happen in the Obalisk he doesn't want to do, this is why I said it would unofficial. This is why I might lean towards the alternate reality. Just gives me more freedom to do things with my story but leaves moon's to go on it's story and not mess with it at all.

Moon, if you want to see me try something like this, I will do a prologue of the story to see if you might like it and want it to continue, if you don't it ends there. I will still wait until you finish your story to write my prologue, just to give me a head start with the full plot and to write several chapters ahead. But it's all up to you for all of it. If you say no. I don't mind never doing this story. I have been on the fence for a while now about writing this that it really doesn't matter if I write this story. I think what gave me second thoughts about was the whole the unnamed copy of moon's story.

So I guess what I am trying to say is I don't know if I will write a story in the future unless I come up with a unique plot and storyline to do.

Anyway on the edge of my seat for Chapter 77!!!!!!!

Also whoever writes Heroes of Pandora. I want to say it's Wyvernian?(sorry if I misspelled your name there) Awesome story your writing!!! I'm in the early chapters where they were captured!! I am finally getting around to see other ppls stories, as I am not good at multi tasking reading stories so I am starting with two for now, those being Heroes of Pandora and the Obalisk. I will try to read more of everyones stories!!!!


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