Moon's Biggest fan,

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Moon's Biggest fan,

I don't know if already I said this, but I liked your short story, for one thing it's a good plot and short story about the Ark, for another. It's funny and I really liked it. If you decide to keep doing short stories, I'll be excited to read them.

Also Moon,

I've heard of you are doing something really good and it's public. Your sure to gain impersonators. I guess you on that level. I'm just afraid that your loyal fans are next. If that's next, we'll have some real spiderman finger pointing happening.

Also thank you, but your story is so compelling and makes want to follow and read it the more I read it, it's addictive in a good way. It's like a mix of some of the best movie franchises like the Land Before Time and Chronicles of Narnia and yet it is completely unique in every way. And it's just amazing, I can't wait for the next one that comes each time and it makes me think about the whole story. Sorry for making such a long response but, it's better than making 4 of them and making it more painful to read.


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