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Wait... Now someone is impersonating Lynx. Oh No... I didn't mean my joke literally! Let's hope this ends soon.

Moon, I really liked you voice claims, some them I agree with fit really good with the characters. But most of the protagonists I said before are stuck as what I said before. But I do have to say that Coal, Bramble and Rust voice claims do fit them very well and now their voice claims are their voices. But I am hyped for the next chapter of the Obelisk, I'm checking everyday for the next chapter of it!!!!

Lynx and The One Who Reads, I haven't said anything more about your stories besides the first chapters because I forget how everyone is doing their stories and got haven't left chapter one on either, but I will start reading them as soon as I am done typing this up!!!!!

-Apex or --Apex. Whichever one I feel I like more, I think though I'm going to do the former.

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