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Organic Polymer/Corrupted Nodule Storage

Provides a Spoil Multiplier of 3x for Organic Polymer and Corrupted Nodule within its inventory (90 minutes). Also provides an increase to the spoil time of Bio-toxin. As they can be carried, similar to a Dodo, Achatina can be carried while hunting creatures such as the Kairuku, Mantis, Karkinos, or Corrupted Creatures to extend the lifespan of the Organic Polymer or Corrupted Nodules harvested.

Cementing Paste and Organic Polymer Supplier

While Wander is enabled, the Achatina will passively produce both Organic Polymer and Achatina Paste, a Cementing Paste substitute, in its inventory.

Passively produces 1 Achatina Paste per minute within its inventory, up to 100.

This can be paired with a Gacha picking up their feces (the Achatina Paste it leaves on the ground) to farm more than 100 and at more than double the rate; its feces accumulate faster than the cementing paste being created within its inventory. Fill the Gacha's inventory with another resource to lower the chance of the gathered paste being eaten.

Passively produces 1 Organic Polymer every 60 minutes, up to 100.

Due to the spoil timer, the first in a chain of three will spoil as the third is produced, making the effective rate 2 Organic Polymer every 90 minutes. Likewise, due to multiple stacks spoiling concurrently, an Achatina will obtain 12 Organic Polymer after 1080 minutes and then alternate between 11 and 12 thereafter.

Wild and Tamed Achatina will also passively produce Achatina Paste on the ground instead of feces. Paste dropped this way has a short despawn timer and must be manually collected unless a Gacha is available. Tamed Achatina do not need to be on wander for this, but the paste will spawn underneath them if they aren't, so the player must pick up the Achatina or use a Whip to collect it.


Though rather unintelligent and too large to place on the shoulder, the Achatina can make a wonderful addition for Ark pet collectors. They can make a great companion to survivors lonely or loony enough to sympathize with a snail, as their stupidity, slimy nature, and strange but goofy face can come off as almost cute. Like most other small creatures that are sometimes collectively known as, 'pets', the Achatina can wear hats/helmets such as a Chitin Helmet, which appear either on its shell or on the head of the creature when equipped.

Domestication Tips

The Achatina is unable to climb over a railing, but can still glitch through it whilst wandering. If it is filled with stone, it does not adversely affect resource production but does prevent them from moving and thus escaping their pens. It's best to simply put them into a Wooden Cage (just like what can be done with the Dung Beetle) and have them on wander or stationary if a Gacha is used to pick up the paste; they can not phase through the cage and the cage is easily movable to your preferred location for the Achatina.

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