This section describes how to react to an encounter with the Achatina.


If engaged and damaged, the Achatina will retreat into its shell and will neither flee nor fight back. Damage dealt to the Achatina will be heavily reduced for as long as it is inside of its shell. Achatinas do however drop a considerable amount of chitin when harvested, so they are a worthy kill for those looking to collect it, at the expense of the time and effort needed to kill one.


Although the Achatina itself is not dangerous, its surroundings are usually filled with dangerous predators. Clear the area of hostile creatures before attempting to tame Achatinas, or pick them up with a flying mount. An Argentavis can carry two Achatina at once when using its claws and beak.


Any weapon or creature will be able to sufficiently kill an Achatina given a little time, though one should shoot the achatina with tranquilizer darts to knock it out for taming, as there is little benefit from exterminating them.


Wild Achatina sometimes take damage over time randomly as a result of being knocked out by titanoboas, waking up, and having their food lowered to 0 in the process.

Achatina - wild and domesticated - do not and cannot fight back when attacked.

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