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Hello viewer this is everything you need to know about this large snail, or more commonly known as achintina. These gaint snails com in many shapes and sizes. It’s rare to see these snails anywhere else besides the swamp. They are incapable of fighting back if harmed and they will retreat. As you could tell by the name they are snails, meaning they have the slowest movement speed in the game. So they are able to hide inside there she’ll and shield themselves from dmg of any kind. Taming is large risk as this creature spawns in the swamp lands. The swamp is very dangerous and filled with arks most dangerous and aggressive creatures such as the karposuchus and titanboa. When taming these guys only eat cakes of some kind. When it comes to knocking it out use tranq arrows to bring the creature down. Even it its shell it won’t stop the tranq chemicals from whering the creature down. Once knocked out feed it the cakes. And bam you have your little snail pet. You can also put hat gear of it.

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