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In the wild, the Achatina should not be your first item of prey, as it will crall into it's shell, which can lead to a number of problems. One being the fact that the shell has a very high defense, therefore you could kill yourself due to recoil before the thing even has low health. Another problem is that the Achatina is found in the Swamps and Redwood Forests, some of the more dangerous areas of the ARK, so while attacking the Achatina, other predators have the chance to sneak up on you while your trying to clame your snail supper.

Taming, on the other hand, is very useful for this species, as if set on wondering, can produce Achatina Paste (Cementing Paste produced by the Achatina) and Organic Polymer, which can last up to 3 times as long in the Achatina's inventory. While the Achatina collects the Organic Polymer in it's inventory, the Achatina drops the Achatina Paste that has a low despawn time, and serves as a replacement for it's feces.

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