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Wanna tame this Furry? Alr lets get started!


-Tranq Darts or Shocking Tranq Darts

-x3 Extrodanairy Kibble

-x200 Bio or x450 Narcotics

-Yutyrannus Saddle or Yutyrannus TEK Saddle

-Ascendant Flak would be appreacieated since Wild Yutys have carno defenders

-A taming Trap (Stone Tier)

Ok lets get ready on our journey!

Step 1: Find Yuty (Yutys are found in The Island, Centre, Ragnorok, Lost Island, and Extinction I think Idk. But sadly there are no Yutys in Mobile sorry mobile users :( )

Step 2: Make sure to have a heavy mount that can carry the Yuty out of its Carno mates.

Step 3: Bring your Yuty to the trap (It needs to be stone tier like the Yutys bigger cousin Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rexes can break thatch and wood tier its same to Yutys and Spinos and Barys)

Step 4: Drop your Yuty to the trap and proceed to KO it.

Step 5: Now feed it the Extrodinary Kibble! And put Bio or Narcotics too!

Step 6: Just wait and keep feeding it bio so it dosent wake up and kill other opponents while Yuty is still asleep.

Wohoo!! Noice you got the Tyrannosauruses Cousin! The Yutyrannus! 🦖🏇🥳🥳🥳

Now lets go to the Yutys Abilities and Dissabilities!



ABILITY 1- Yutys have a TEK Saddle so they can also shoot cool deadly plasma balls like TEK guns and other TEK Saddles!

ABILITY 2- Yutys have a Fear Roar to scare off small creatures to the size of a Wooly Rhino! (This is used in Boss battles to scare off the Minions!)

ABILITY 3- Yutys also have a Courage Roar too this is the complete opposits of the Yutys fear roar, it gives your Allied Creatures have a Damage Buff of 50%! (This is used in Boss Battles to deal intense damage on the Boss and the Minions!)

Now lets talk about the Yutys Dissabilities! Its only 1 but its pretty useless acctually

DISSABILITY 1- It has a ammo limit in its TEK saddle. Yeah ikr its pretty useless.....

Thanks for seeing my Guide guys! Hope ya"ll liked it 😁 and take care :')

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