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The yutyrannus meaning “Feathered tyrant” is truly a force to be reckoned with. By itself it’s incredibly dangerous that’s obvious. Also the yutyrannus always spawns in with a escort of carnos that fight along side it.

So with all of that in mind, how the heck do you tame one!?

Well there is no easy way. The yutyrannus is very difficult to separate from its escort of carnos, you either have to manage to kill its escort of buffed carnos (buffed with courage), or with incredible luck, separate the yutyrannus from its carnos. (Additional warning: the carnos buffed by the yutyrannus usually target the creature the yuty targets.) thankfully Ark usually has a 3rd option. Grab your friendly neighborhood harpoon gun, and make some nets (not cast nets). And introduce the yutyrannus to your net launcher! Make sure it’s carno friends aren’t left out. When you net them, do whatever you want I usually kill them because they get up eventually. Once you net the yuty immediately knock it unconscious. Once they break free from the net there’s a cooldown preventing you from netting it again for a bit.

Once you knock it out it likes prime or extraordinary kibble. Make sure you have narcotics or biotoxin. Eventually you will have your yuty

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