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How to build a trap

What you need:

9 stone foundations,

18 stone doorframes

4 wooden ramps

6 stone walls

How to build it

First, make sure you build the trap in a safe-ish area to make sure that nothing super powerful comes and either kills you or the Yuty while it’s trapped

Place the foundations in a 3x3 shape

Place 6 doorframes on each side except for one

Place the 6 walls on the remaining side

Place the ramps on the regular wall side so that the Yuty can walk into the trap

How to tame it

Find the Yuty, kill all of its carnos, and then lead the Yuty into the trap

I recommend that you use a wyvern for this because they are not affected by the roar

Keep shooting tranqs at it till it’s knocked.

It’s torpor doesn’t drop very fast, so you don’t need too many narcs

Use whatever kind of food you want

I hope this helped! Happy taming

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