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Where is the proof, for those of y’all whose saying…

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Where is the proof, for those of y’all whose saying “oh my god, blah blah blah, wildcard didn’t make ark mobile” - like bruh. I searched up, “did wildcard make ark mobile” - it said they did. Like I can’t even understand whatchu mean by wildcard didn’t make ark mobile. So you’re telling me, ark mobile isn’t really ark, and was made by different developers, who copied ark? -_-

There’s one person who mentioned, “It doesn’t say it on the loading screen” - does it really matter whether it shows or not? And it doesn’t matter if Wiki shows it or not- I’m pretty sure they don’t show Mobile because it’s different from all the other versions. Notice that all the other versions have all the maps and creatures while mobile doesn’t? Exactly, Mobile is very different from all the other versions. Some of the creatures in the mobile version don’t even have some of their unique abilities, such as the Pachy.

If you’d like to clarify whatchu mean by “wildcard didn’t make ark mobile,” please do.

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