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Sprints slightly faster than an allo, easy to maneuver, can go over obsticles similar to an allo, stamina drain and recovery somewhat similar to allo, slightly more than a Spino and slightly less than a Rex with damage per hit, health and weight equivalent to a Rex, one of the roars can scare off almost all dinos (some need to be roared at more than once) which is great for protecting an unconcious tame, the other roar bolsters the combat prowess of nearby tames and can temporarily make wild carnos an ally. Yutyrannus is an amazing mount to have. There are a few cons though. Very slow attack speed, if standing still you have to wait for the attack to finish before you can move again (sounds silly but try it and see what I mean), has a lower starting melee damage percentage when tamed and gains less per lvl when compared to mounts of similar size (ex. Yutyrannus starts with about 260% and gains about 4-5% per lvl up, Rex starts with about 330% and gains about 5-6% per lvl up), low dps.

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