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If you really want to beat the shit out of this dada gorilla

Step1:create YOUR gigantopithecus ARMY

yes,tame at least 2, one Male and the other female

Step2:impregnate them if they don't give birth in 10 mins

Yes, impregnate them with your pencil,also invite your Male friends for more chance of twins,

Step3:sharpen your pencil before impregnating

yes you can sharpen your pencil just knock out a hot female human chick, imprison her,tie her hands,bola her legs,open your pencil.....but most importantly WEAR A GAS MASK!!!

also try storing the white liquid in a freezer,just in case you...

step4:repeat step 2 and 3

repeat step 2 and 3 till you have 30 gigantopithecus

Step5:order the gorillas to wrestle the yeti,you know what I mean...

the yeti will we very shy because your gorillas are fu king him!.infront of everyone

then throw a few smoke grenades,and set at least a thousand traps till the smoke is there

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