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If you want to imprint your wyvern but don’t have (or want to get) wyvern milk, simply cryopod the wyvern then take it out (this works on any tame). After this its imprinting task will most likely change to something else like take it for a walk, or cuddle with it. Also for people raising a wyvern for the first time, it takes quite a while, and you have to imprint it twice (it gives 50% each time). Also an extra thing, you can’t feed a wyvern meat until it’s fully grown. When it’s growing up you can only feed it wyvern milk. I would have a Daeodon just in case it starves or gets attacked, but I’ve raised a few wyverns and none of their food depleted before they were fully grown, so you can most likely leave it in a safe place and you’ll be fine. I would still have a Daeodon ready to passive heal it just in case though. (One final thing, I believe it takes over 3 hours to grow, and it’s 2 imprinting stages come after around the 1st hour spent, and the 2nd hour spent).

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