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Pro tip for Ragnarok, do NOT waste your time in the trench. There are many MANY wyverns there and it is much harder to lose them. Instead go to the south center of the map next to the desert and go into the wyvern cave. Coming from the south, it’s to the left of a waterfall just behind a rock (you’ll have to fly low to the water to get in. Once inside, stay out of the aggro range of the wyverns by the entrance and aim for the large pillar in the center. You’ll find all of the nests in this center area and if you got past the wyverns at the entrance, you have time to check the eggs and find your desired level & type. Once you have it, fly back to the entrance of the cave, and make your escape.

The escape is quite simple, once out of the cave, go straight up the waterfall and into the small cave where the stream is flowing. Follow that stream to the exit of the small cave and make your escape. You may also use this cave to enter the trench largely undetected (this is what I do).

Once you have the egg, you can either trap a female, narc it, and get milk. Or you can do it the easy way and cryo the baby when it asks for milk, which will reset what it asks for.

*NOTE: I go completely naked on a throwaway Pteranadon with AT LEAST 450 stamina. Usually I don’t even get hit because I use the C Spin to get back out of the wyvern cave, but you’ll want that stamina to ensure the longest flight time possible and a safe getaway*

Hope someone finds this helpful! I know I would have.

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