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So you’re wondering how to get yourself a ✨🐉wyvern🐉✨? Follow these steps!

Egg Stealing:🥚

You need to have a 🔭spyglass🔭 and a flyer with decent health and stamina. Locate the wyvern trench in between the 🔴red🔴 and 🔵blue🔵 obelisk (scorched earth location). Using a spyglass locate a wyvern nest. Make sure there is no adult wyverns around. Regenerate your flyers stamina then fly in the trench and grab the wyvern egg from the nest. Once you have the egg hop back on your mount then fly away from the trench and back to your base🏰.

Milking: 🍼

Craft 5 behemoth stone dinosaur gateways and 2 behemoth reinforced dinosaur gates. Place the behemoth gateways on a flat surface with a gap about the size of your survivor🚶🚶‍♀️. Then put the 2 behemoth gates on both of the ends. Locate a female adult wyvern then agro it. Make it follow you inside your trap then go around the trap and close the behemoth gates. Use any ⬅️🔫tranquilizing⬅️🔫 arrows to get the adult wyvern unconscious. Access the wyverns inventory and take all of the wyvern 🍼milk🍼 out of it. Quickly put the wyvern milk in a preserving bin before it spoils.


Craft seven standing torches. Form the torches into a “U” shape (side by side). I also recommend 50 wood for each 🔥torch🔥. Stand right in front of the torches and drop the egg. Then, light all of the torches and wait for the incubation to finish (0%). Once the egg hatches turn off all of the standing torches and disable wandering. Go up to the wyvern and hit imprint. Wait for the wyverns food to drop to 150 then force feed it wyvern milk. Then wait until the wyvern needs ❤️care❤️. Go up to your wyvern and do the tasks that are requested (Cuddling, walks, or wyvern milk). If the wyvern needs milk to complete the task take the wyvern milk out of the preserving bin and put it into the last slot of your hot bar. If the wyvern ever gets low on food put the milk in its inventory and force feed it. When the maturation reaches 100% you have tamed yourself a wyvern. ✨Congrats!✨

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