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You can create a taming box of a 3 by 3 foundation wood or better material and 3 walls high. To use it first find your vulture punch it. Then run through the door lay down just inside so the vulture will go low enough to go through. Run back out close door with the vulture inside. The run to a predator let it kill you and eat your body. That is important the vulture won't deagro untill your dead and your body is eaten. The vulture can't eat your body while in the taming box so something else has to do it. Then spawn at a bed and grab spoiled meat out of a box. After that head back to the taming box be quick wait to long and the vulture will glitch out. Then enjoy passive taming a vulture without it flying away or leading you to dangerous areas. Be warned though if something outside the box dies to close to the box the vulture can agro on you again. So I suggest clearing out the area first. It sounds complicated but it really isn't I just went into detail.

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