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Once on ps4 server for ark with edited files so all dlc creatures spawn on crystal isle i found a unicorn i tamed it and Was gunna name it vlad the impaler i then THE ANTS ATACKED So we ran then i checked map I ran to my base then OH NO THEY ARE BACK WITH THE HELP OF DILOS so I tried to fend them off they would not I had to run me and vlad fell there was a roll ray but it kinda moved so vlad died I was guna taxidermy it but they jumped down and tore it apart in front of me so I trew myself to hyenadons I had a jeriboa on my head 😭😭😭 the server is all dlc crystal idle it is on unofficial pc but u can play with ps4 or 5 and go to 60,60 i think Look for fizzorolie in the tribe loolooland :3

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