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I was on my way to check my sap taps (mounted on my fav pteranodon, Juvenile Suspension) in ARK mobile and I was a little to the west of them when I heard equus noises. Since I love me some good horse noises, I looked for them. Lo and behold, I see a pure white equus, but bigger than usual. I take out my spyglass, not believing my eyes as they settled upon a level 12 female unicorn named Nylórrang. I knew unicorns weren’t supposed to spawn in the Redwood Forest anyway, so I was impressed she made it that far. Took a few pictures and recorded a few videos for my partner, who was excited (and had no idea they made sparkle noises despite having encountered three of them). I had no taming food, so I had no way of taking this majestic beast as my own. Unfortunately, I watched it as it wandered into a terror bird nest at the border between the Redwoods and the Swamps. She was killed and devoured within seconds. Rip Nylórrang, you will be sorely missed.

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