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(Six months ago)

Me: I found a unicorn good thing I brought carrots

Unicorn: I’m special it takes griffin kibble to tame me

Me: Ok I’ll go back to the chef station

Unicorn: Ok newb you do that but you won’t find it there

Me: Why not?

Unicorn: You gotta make it

Me: I can’t tame a griff

Unicorn: See you beach bob

(Six months later)

Me: One fertilized griffin egg

Unicorn: Bet ya she doesn’t know the recipe yet

Me: Savoroot

Unicorn: You’ll need more than one if you want to tame me

Me: One 10x soothing balm

Unicorn: Ohhh so tempting but you still have to catch me first

(Thud thud a fence is up)

Unicorn: Well I guess it’s just about time

(30 seconds later)

Unicorn: Well Miss Night Assasin where to?

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