I never really was interested in taming trikes (I’m ADHD…

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I never really was interested in taming trikes (I’m ADHD and have no patience for slow movement speed), but starting on Ragnarok, I decided I’d give it a go for once. So I tamed a pretty green level ~60 trike thinking, ‘hey, it’ll make an okay early game fleshy suitcase’. I was wrong. She earned my respect very quickly. When moving bases, I was set upon by a large pride of sabertooths. About 10, all higher than level 20. I thought I was going to be a gonner, considering my low level and crap gear. Then my meat suitcase killed a l l o f t h e m with a few agressive head tosses. So yeah, they’re a lot tougher than you’d imagine. A herd of these, with patience for their slow movement, is recommended for ages (and levels) 1-99. Impressive and easy to tame, with more than enough bang for your buck.

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