This is story of my best friend , trike was…

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This is story of my best friend , trike was the first tame I made , I named him sparrow , sparrow was lvl 30 but was very strong , ( could kill spino and theri).

One day I made a raft (pearl) , I loaded sparrow into pearl and we went on our journey to explore the map but destiny lead us to the swamps.

Sparrow bravely fought with sarcos , kapros and titanboas and defended me flawlessly but as it was getting dark I thought of waiting at a place (the place was a small land surrounded by swamp water)

as I unmounted sparrow , we were attacked by titanboas , but I could hardly see anything in night but somehow I mounted sparrow and fought the war and I thought I killed each one of them but sparrow fell unconscious due to severe attacks by titanboa.

I thought of giving him stimberry to wake him fast but berries ended soon and sparrow was still down and suddenly my torch broke and now I had no source of light. I had loaded stack of berries in pearl (which was standing nearby) before I came to swamps so I thought of taking it from pearl . I got the berries and was coming back to sparrow but when I saw at sparrow I was shocked , his health was 30 and within next blink of eye he was killed .

In total darkness I was finding his killer and I saw a titanboa but it was too late it attacked me several times and I fell unconscious and it killed me .

I was low lvl that time and sparrow was my best and only tamed Dino and I was ruined.

Sparrow was a Dino that cannot be replaced , respect and love for you buddy

#RIP sparrow

Sparrow is worth a recognition

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