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I was a wee little player at that time.

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I was a wee little player at that time.

With my trike named Annika. Though I'm a low level player I always provide me and Annika with berries.

Night came in Me and Annika were hungry so we both set out to gather berries as soon as we can.

And my fears has came true.

Raptor! All 5 of them bearing their claws at me and Annika

I was intimidated at the sight but Anikka held her ground, standing mighty and proud ready to fight.

Her braveness gave me morale so I stayed with her.

The raptors charged at us at full speed.

"Come at me ye damn raptors" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Annika charged at them at full speed. Killing 2 on impact.

The raptors surrounded her. Attacking from all side.

In a fast effort I grabbed my spear and began attacking while Annika fought them off.We managed to kill 2 of them until one pounced at me.

I was almost going to die until Annika...with one last effort attacked the raptor saving me from death.

She is doing well in her home that I had built for her.

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