Ah yes, the holy trike.

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Ah yes, the holy trike. Just a level 26 trike i tamed(max wild level on server 30) and he was outstanding. Destroying alpha raptors, shredding therizinos so much i had enough prime to tame a carno, he was amazing. Then... He glitched and got stuck on a spike wall. No amount of whistles could save him... But, i found another trike. Same gender, same level, same colours. I obviously tamed it. It was as if he came back to life. Another month later, i joined the alpha's friends. With the trike. I made a mistake (which really wasn't my fault, i was told to) and one of the memebers decided to kill ma trike. Long story short, shit went down, and he left the server. And from that day onward, the holy trike shines with power over our squad. The Chinese hackers who attacked us and wiped? Destroyed a week later. A new leader who decided to disband the grave area? All his stuff wiped, even the tek parts. The holy trike is watching over us all, guiding and protecting. All hail the holy trike

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