Lemme tell u guys a story about my trike.

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Lemme tell u guys a story about my trike. So, one day I was preparing to tame a trike for the first time with a crossbow, I was afraid not to get killed by it, eventally I tamed it. I hunted several creatures down with him, oh yeah buy the way his name is kica. So I hunted corbemyses and stuff. One day i was thinking: "shall I go to swamp with kica? So I did that. Turns out he slaughtered everything in his way, I tamed several swamp creatures with him, we killed I think 3-4 parachetiums if I remember... Everytime I explored craggs island I'd bring him with me, we killed everything in our way, titanboas, carnos, pachies, tickle chickens, everything, I thing he may be the strongest dino I have, yes I have a bronto but man, he is strong... he is still alive till this day I'm writing this, if ur a beginner this dino is awesome! Tame it now!

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