So I'm gonna tell you a story about my dear raptor mhm he…

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So I'm gonna tell you a story about my dear raptor mhm he was named giant dilo he was a great dilo I loved him until one day... We were going on an adventure whith a raft to other land and we explored a bit kill level up and thain I loked at my base there was a spino I battled him to get a revenge for being my nightmare when I was new to the ark I mean I wanted to tame him thain I started tqank him he was battling giant dilo I went off him so he battles me but thain opposite happened... Instead he battled him thain my raptor falled I was thinking he was just inculishius thain he finally falled I went to check him but... Sudently I saw him dead I was so sad I couldn't believe it my favorite first raptor the best... Just died I wanted to kill the spino but I knew he could be very strong and help my crew so I had to tame him I took his implant and tamed the spino but the next day... It expired... Upvode for giant dilo he will never be forgotten

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