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How Titanosaur was made

Rock Elemental: I’m bored

Wildcard: I’M SO BORED

Bronto: *eats leaf*

Rock Elemental: Hey a bronto!

Bronto: Oh. Hi *mouth full*

Wildcard: I have a good idea!!

Fan: You are gonna add fire spread?

Wildcard: *sends fan into ARK near giga*

Bronto: Rocky, wanna be friends

Rock Elemental (Rocky): Sure

[3 Years later]

Rocky: Bronto, why is there an egg?

Bronto: *GASP*

Fan: Don’t You DARE!!

[Fan was eaten by a giga lvl 1]

Wildcard: *hatches egg*

Bronto&Rocky: OH MY GOSH!!!

Rocky: Let’s name him Titan

Bronto: I think Saurus is better

Bronto&Rocky: TITANOSAUR!!!

Titanosaur: *grows big*

Bronto left the game

Rocky left the game

Giga left the game

Wildcard abandons ARK

All other dinos left the game

Me: Oh a tree!

Me: lemme hide in it

Me: ooo spiky bronto

Titanosaur: *Eats tree I am on*

Cloud was accidentally eaten by Titanosaur (lvl 1)

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