LV7 me:

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LV7 me:

*sees that the game has a swamp*

“That’s cool I wonder what’s in it”

*gets chased by a Kaprosuchus but perches on rock and leads it to a carbonemys which it attacks and gets killed*

“Nice free stuff”

*gets arrows, scales, etc*

“Ok I’ll go further in, oh is that a big snail!”

*five seconds later*

“Bad idea, Bad idea, Bad idea, Bad idea, BAD IDE-“

*gets killed by snake and looses all my stuff*

“Well dang it... I just go back and get my stuff but be cautious”

*after finding my stuff*

“Ok now time t—“

*gets hit*


*spend the next 3 minutes running from killer danger noodle*

“Ok I’m on a rock I think I’m safe...”

*turns to see 10 different snakes claiming rock*

“Oh come on!”

*trys to loose them in forests*

*gets jumped and killed by different pack of snakes and finds out my spawn point (Sleeping bag) doesn’t count as a check point anymore*

*looses my base and all the chests in it*

I downloaded this game not even 5 days ago..

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