How to easily tame Thylacoleo:

1. acquire a Special egg farm ( Hespornis for Golden eggs or a yuty farm will do )

2. Make a lot of extraordinary kibble

3. Travel to a nearby obelisk or Tek transferer thing ( I don’t remember it’s name )

4. Put all the kibble you made ( and any other useful materials you might need ) into the obelisk and transfer.

5. Open your SE map or server

6. Head to an obelisk ( or transfer thingy ) and acquire the kibble and your stuff

7. Head to the bad lands in the east of the SE map near the green obelisk

8. Knock out and tame the Thylas that are located in the area ( they walk around )

9.Transfer back to your Island server and brag to your underachieving friends that you’ve tamed a Thyla

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