If your looking to tame here's my way if you have a flyer that fly's decently fast has a good bit of stamina and can take a beating for example a argy fly high but not too high just enough for it to lunge at you if you do it right then you should be able to dodge the thylo and land quickly I suggest having a parachute sence it will attempt to run off so while your going down you can get a few shots in if it does manage to grab you however you could either shoot it while it has you pinned or beat it with a wooden club sence you did go out of your way to tame it if your using the club option take more than one sence thylos can take a beating I don't recommend using a taming pen sence all the recourses may slow you and your flyer down and knowing the red woods and how dangerous it is your better off using no pen but that's not saying that it is possible sence it is but your putting yourself at risk by doing this if you do build the pen then well done you just got a thylo easily

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