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I remembered the time I tamed one of these guys first.

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I remembered the time I tamed one of these guys first. A level 1 she is, with a level 20+ partner. Killed her partner then I spammed tranq arrows from my bow on a cliff. Brought 6 stacks narcs and 200 bio toxin. She took all the bio toxin(I was taming her with berries) and an extra 6 stacks narcs. 12 narcs in all and pretty much an extra 100 bio toxin. Level 28 probably by that time and slept on a sleeping bag beside her. Every 4 hours I fed her 50 bio toxin.Wasn’t that easy taming but the reward is great. Set her to wandering in my base in the southern islets came back with her carrying a stack of fibre along with 750 wood. She’s encumbered already though. Not a very good beast of burden, but a great friend especially if you need tons of hide and berries(Swipe down in mobile), and thatch/fiber(Swipe up in mobile) and very vigorous slayer of your enemies. A nomad’s/farmer’s best friend.

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