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Tamed one yesterday! After reading everything here I thought it would be impossible. While it was probably the hardest tame I have had so far ( just started playing a week ago) it was doable. I got him into my industrial raptor trap. Tranqd the crap out of him and started feeding some crops. For those that do get him tranqd his torpor goes Down Sooooo quick. I was busy building some other stuff and didn't pay attention for only a min and he's back up ready to shred again. I got him tranqd again but this time he only had like 145 health left I thought for sure he was going to die. Luckily he didn't and this time I didn't leave his side. He took almost 45 narcotics before finally being tamed. Kibble would have been better for sure but I'm not far enough yet for that. Good luck it is doable but it's not easy.

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