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Many people often fault Therizinosaurus Multiensis as a predator, but these same people clearly weren’t smart enough to know not to dare approach a wild animal until you know it’s general temperament, and they would see that it is clearly the exact opposite of a predator if they researched it’s prehistoric self/ancestor.

Despite the high numbers of deaths by this particular animal, Therizinosaurus Multiensis prefers peace over war. However, it has a very short temper when it comes to it’s own personal space. If you overstep this line and have failed to outrun a raptor, you should just accept your death. Struggling often only makes the problem worse than it already is, as Therizinosaurus Multiensis rarely ever gives up on chasing a target that has angered it.


Because of it’s short temper for personal space, Therizinosaurus Multiensis is incapable of being passively tamed despite being a herbivore, as it prioritizes survival over alliance. However, various balms and concoctions manufactured for the sole purpose of soothing wild animals for domestication have proven effective on almost all species, with this one being no exception. On top of that, unsurprisingly for a herbivorous species, Therizinosaurus Multiensis’s favorite snack just so happens to be Rockarrots, and becomes fiercely loyal once tamed, especially if said Rockarrots are offered to it while it is unconscious. I have personally ridden them, and they have big hearts, especially when it comes to their owners. They just don’t like people getting too close for comfort. Mind your own personal space, and wild a Therizinosaurus Multiensis shall treat you with respect. Forget to mind your own personal space, and… …I think you can guess what happens next.

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